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  1. SRoth

    Resource Manager Hangs

    Done. There's an English source file, a Spanish source file, and the Compilation file both are linked to.
  2. I have a Publisher file (my "Compilation" file) where I used File / Place to insert another Publisher file (my "English" manual) as a linked resource. I make changes to the English file and then re-open the Compilation file. I open the Resource Manager to see the linked document flagged as Modified, as expected: Immediately one CPU core is pegged at 100% for as long as the dialog is open. Clicking on any of the elements within the list generally does nothing. Very occasionally the clicked element will briefly highlight and the Update and Replace buttons will enable, but the element and buttons are immediately unhighlighted and disabled. Thus, there is no way to actually update the linked file. My only option is to start from a blank document and Place all over again. It's only 50 double pages, so it doesn't take too long, but what a pain all the same.
  3. This also happens in the Character panel (not just the Edit Text Style dialog). Highlighting some text, then clicking the pull-down for Tracking and clicking something non-zero updates the field in the panel accordingly. But the highlighted text doesn't change, and re-highlighting the same text shows the tracking to still be zero. This doesn't fail every time, so I do the same thing repeatedly until I observe the highlighted text actually change.
  4. If I've made manual changes to the index, when selecting File / Print or File / Export, Publisher will present a dialog asking to update the index. Clicking on "Fix and continue" will leave the index untouched and carry on to print or export. Clicking on "Ignore and continue" will replace the manual edits with a fresh copy of the auto-generated index, and then carry on to print or export. The labels on the buttons are opposite to their functions. The "Cancel" button works as expected.