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  1. Is there an easy way to draw a colored outline around text, or any other feature in an image you wish to highlight?
  2. Or, just throw the towel in on Affinity, bite the bullet and move to DXOPhotoLab! It handles .cr3 files fine!
  3. Considering moving to DXOPhotoLab. This lack of .cr3 support in Sept. 2019 is not acceptable!
  4. Hmmmm . . . . . Now mid-July, 2019 and still no .cr3 support? Seems crazy but I guess it's true, "you get what you pay for." Serif obviously lacks the resources to quickly adapt to new camera raw profiles.
  5. In astro imaging, I have a need to . . . 1/ Define or select a specific point on the background sky and 2/ Adjust the RGB values at that point so that they are equal, i.e., the sky is neutral with no color caste. I have found how to have the values of R, G and B for a point under the mouse displayed but no way to adjust the 3 individual channels to have them equalized. Is this possible?
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