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  1. Workspace - so I like to have my tools spread across my two monitors but for some reason after my new Mac Mini goes to sleep and wakes up - the tools are all back onto the one screen. This was a issue in PS 2019 also. BUT my work around was to have a "Workspace" set up and then simply click Reset Workspace. So does Affinity use some type of saving of where your palettes go on your workspace?
  2. Okay so Selections..... In PS if I make a selection and want to ADD to it I just hit shift Key and start adding OR Option Key to remove In Affinity it seems I have to click add or subtract button near Mode: . I have tried and tried to find keyboard short cut for this modifier of a section tool but I can not see it. If I can adjust the keyboard to act like PS does I would but need suggestions. This seems like a no brainer and I want to avoid extra clicks and use keyboard with mouse to be faster on selections or un selections. Thanks
  3. I am new here but as I am going through trial period I would like to help out but pointing out some issues. Hope this is the right place. Mac Trial - Help - Affinity Photo Help - THEN I TYPE IN a search field Keyboard Shortcuts and and 2 results are shown - click on a result and BAM back to the Get Answers fast screen. It is a loop with no real answers being shown. Also Clicking on "Tutorial" under help menu on Mac gives a a web site with 404 Error --- https://affinity.serif.com/forum/index.php/?/forum/9-tutorials/ Hope this helpful. Should I post elsewhere as I find or is this good?
  4. That second one was the ticket! I was trying to hard and simply had to allow it to be applied recursively. You sir have made my day and were super helpful.
  5. So I tried that but it was not clear what to do when after clicking the Authorize Global button. I tried it and showed it both the original placement of the Imagenomic stand alone software and the plug in place for Adobe but neither seemed to work. I think it will work because the other sister programs by this company did work. Thanks again for any advice.
  6. Yes I already have the trial. I am currently working on getting my Plug-ins installed to test them. I managed to get Topaz 5 and Noiseware and Realgrain 2 to work as plug ins. HOWEVER it seems that Portraiture which is also by Imagenomic has red text in the preferences that says "Requires Global Support" and I can not seem to find how to fix this. Any tips?
  7. Hello Affinity users.... I am sure you are hearing this a lot lately. I am yet another slave trying to escape the Adobe masters hoping to cross this information desert into the land of those who do not rent software and seek true innovation. Please my fellow travelers have mercy on this old pro as I enter my ten days of trial to see if I am worthy of the Affinity Stones.... To make this work my Workflow Guide has told me I must find this list of capabilities to replace what my former master has put upon me. (SIDE NOTE - I am already replacing Lightroom with Exposure X4 and love it so far. Also I shoot mostly portraits and commercial images and care about speed and efficient workflow while shooting 5D3) I hope you enjoyed my poetic plea for help. If anyone can tell me straight up if there is anything on this list which Affinity can NOT do I would really appreciate it.... Photoshop Inventory to be replaced by Affinity Dual Screens Actions - High Key Helper, Flatten ALL, Burn/Dodge, Red Killer, White Teeth, Vignette, Hi Cont Tea Stain, Logo placement Selections - Magnetic Lasso, Quick Selection, Polygonal, Add, Subtract with shift/option, select by color, Marquee Brushes - Custom made Signature Brush and others Clone Tools - Patch tools - Content Aware Transform - Free, Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort, Perspective, Warp Layers - New layer, copy layer, layer modes, bevel emboss, stroke, masking reg and reverse Text - variety like PS and vertical mode Custom Shapes tool - arrows and stars, etc. History - Snapshot, and History states Plug ins - Portraiture, Topaz, Alien Skin, Digital Anarchy (primate), Noiseware, Aurora HDR Sponge tool - Saturation/ Desaturate Foreground/ Background color picker and easy swap Blur and smudge tools Gradient tool Liquify - Push left tool with adjustments to size, pressure, density Hand tool - via Space bar I look forward to getting to learn more and get to know others in this community. Thanks
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