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  1. Hi all. I have tried Affinity on my work where the other colleague has Mac. I must say it is great alternative for Photoshop. One thing makes me sad, and that is Affinity will not develop Windows version of this software. I just must say this: Affinity looses. Why? Windows user will never buy Mac because of Affinity, but will buy Affinity because of Photoshop. Think about that. Regards, Alex p.s. And, in terms of numbers of windows vs mac users, must say this: In my company, there are seven PCs and one Mac. In other printing/web development/design companies I know and I worked/have been, there is one, or none Macs. At home situation is even more on Windows side, I don't even know someone (in my life) using Mac at home. Usualy Apple product at home is iPhone (a lot of my friends have iPhone) or iPad, but it is never Mac. The user that said 90% in world of desktops is Windows, is totally right.
  2. Recently I have downloaded Affiity Photo Beta, and it instantly bought me! App is tending to become Photoshop best competition, if not better! But there is a journey which this app needs to travel to become better then PS, and including eyedropper is one of the functionalities that is a must to! Cheers! Alex