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    V. Crashing when trying to print.

    Jon P...Thanks for your response. It must be a nightmare trying to support all the versions of operating systems as well as all the requests for importing from dozens of other apps, also on various systems. So far, I've been very impressed over the progress and looking forward to migrating my work over to Publisher in the future.
  2. I like this idea. But I was thinking of a character style with similar options and one that would pick up the highlighted copy and use it for the URL intead of having to copy and paste every time (or a script that would do that). I do a print magazine that often has long URLs in the justified column of text and in the endnotes. But after the print copy is finished, I convert to PDFs for online reading, so I need to operate in both worlds. The URL has to break at underscores, slashes or dashes when justified, yet has to appear as a full URL when it is 3 or 4 lines long when I create the PDF.
  3. Steve Farmer

    V. Crashing when trying to print.

    I'm a new beta-tester on build 326. iMac running OSX 10.9.5 and having crashes when trying to print. Crashes about 90% of the time when trying to print to my Canon inkjet and/or HP laserwriter. Print dialog shows up as a blank window. The blank print dialog seems to work despite being blank because if I hit return it prints all pages and then crashes. It creates a recovery file which I can open. I can export to PDF and print that with no problems. I've only used Publisher for a day, so it may be me doing something dumb. Testing document is only 8 pages with some images.