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  1. and here, in 1.6.5. the bleed is not included, even using "when exporting click on the More button on the Export dialog and check Include Bleed." doesn't show, period I'm stumped with the software. is extremely beautiful, has some innovative ideas, but lacks primary features and shortcuts.not yet having an efficient bleed tool that already existed in the 90's coreldraw and illustrator seems unacceptable for a paid product.almost three years to solve something that is not a new feature, but a deficiency of the system... I wonder how programmers work in England. If you have a one-hour journey with a tea break, you better produce wool. let us agree sirs. in computing, you have to identify the problem and correct it. if free tools of open code, as gimp or inkscape work better than the affinity designer something is wrong.
  2. Allright, Garry, I only felt confused, because the tutorial use guides, and they are not automatically sorted in the video. I will try using the document setup.
  3. someone can answer me why the software make the disgrace below? it automatically arrange in numerical order the guides. so, it's impossible define the bleed correctly.
  4. Separate charging for licenses is valid because they are different architectures.not giving a second purchase discount is an amateurish business attitude and has no justification.the same way it has no justification does not offer both products on the site. unless there is some scam of the company with the apple store. various companies sell two downloadable versions on the site. and you can download both files.for God's sake, would the above citizen be so naïve to believe that we bought this bull talk of "unpopular and unfair"