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  1. ella1971

    lasso tool

    thank you, then the affinity photo wil be the app. !! thank you all for your answers
  2. ella1971

    lasso tool

    no, manual tracing. i will thake a photo of my fysical drawing, load it in the app and then with my hand draw the lines... i load the image like the attachment and only trace the lotus flower by hand.
  3. ella1971

    lasso tool

    i just have last question... is it posible to trace images ? like import a drawing and i draw myself on another layer. i want to digitalize some drawings. the file i attached is from Ai, but i also want to trace from freehand.
  4. ella1971

    lasso tool

    thank you all for your effort to explain. i will go for affinity photo. the rest will come later
  5. ella1971

    lasso tool

    thank you for such fast reply. so if i am correct the app i need is affinity design? and also does the app compares to InDesign of adobe ? i will need the new app mainly to crop/cutout small cliparts for my digital journaling and adjusting the images, not really for photo adjustments, maby later.
  6. ella1971

    lasso tool

    i am about to purchase affinity for my ipad pro but i am not sure if there are funcionalitys i need. what i want to do is: i have a digital sticker page. i want to load it into a draw program like affinity, with the lasso tool i want to cut out the sticker i need to save it to dropbox and use it in my goodnotes4/5. The sticker page looks like the attached file. Now i am using Pixelmator on my mac to do that but i want to move to my ipad. I was fond of using adobe but that is out of my ligue. Affinity looks like it would cover all design functions i need. Can someone please help?