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  1. Dear All concern, Please you support when I create lin 1 done >> I create text style but when I applied to line 2, vertical axis of text not follow style. by the way about AP beta I can use this function. Please you see attach file Thanks Pure
  2. 1.when I create Table before, then Artistic text default is "All Capitals letter" and Can't change to small text 2.when I need to export not include bleed, preset can't export
  3. Hi Walt, I got it, thanks for your suggestion
  4. Hi, I create paragraph style done when I use to another table, The position does not follow the style please suggest to me Thanks
  5. I found this problem too, How to solve TT
  6. hi, I have some new problem, when I setting paragraph style, I set it center then I use style only text effective ignore position Picture 1 [ Style from my setting] Picture 2 when I use, How to solve?
  7. Beta program auto close when copy text and paste in the table
  8. Export section when I not select include bleed, preset lose, please you support
  9. Hi, May I have some question, Why publisher hasn't mode "symbol" in studio?
  10. May I have some question. Why publisher haven't mode "symbol" in studio?
  11. Tab no of table not matching with actual table, previous version are matched.