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  1. I tried adding a space behind a normal comma but it didn't change anything. Then I tried a full-width comma + space and it worked -- but not in another case in the same document. There I was able to fix it using the "spacing" -> "tighten more" function. Seems like a nice workaround!
  2. Thanks for letting me know thomaso, it would be great to get that fixed. I agree, it's the line break before the comma that's the issue, because it happens regardless of whether there's a number after the comma or whether I use western or Japanese commas (, or 、).
  3. I'm currently trying to work with a Japanese text in two justified columns, which means there are bound to be many lines. Now, for some reason punctuation gets not treated as such, but gets bumped into the next line as if it were an ordinary character (see example). I've tried playing around with optical alignment to no avail and am a bit lost. Am I missing something or is this related to some quirk with Japanese? Thanks in advance!