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  1. @smadell Thank you so very much. I so appreciate the time you took to provide me with this advice. I have done the Learning videos but I do find it difficult when they apply tutorials to perfect photos and not real life not so great photos. I took another photo looking down onto a little waterfall (a creative shot) and with your advice here, I have managed to make that one look much better also. Thank you for your assistance and showing kindness to a stranger. Much happiness and blessings to you. Cheers, N.
  2. Hi everyone I am not very experienced at post processing. I have a photo that I took. Processing the Raw file and I need to bring up the image as it is rather lack-lustre at the moment, but when doing that the waterfall becomes blown-out as I didn't have a CPL on when taking the shot. Can anyone advise me the steps I should take to bring this image to life without the waterfall having blown-out highlights. Thank you so much in advance if you are able and willing to assist. I have uploaded the Raw CR2 file. Cheers Nerrel IMG_1862.CR2
  3. @smallp For years both my husband and I have been using Acorn to turn our images into PNG files (then changed to Affinity Photo when it came out), then using that file in Affinity Designer to create a flyer having text, JPG's and PNG's, shapes. It is only since mid last year that we have gotten this problem with black printing in the PNG area of the file when they are in a PDF. I agree, it is something that Affinity has done. We are both Mac users. My client for whom I do this specific work for is a Windows operator and has not reported any problem in printing the PDF's, and he would have as t
  4. @KrisnaAdhi Hi, I have taken different JPG's from different sources, turned them into PNG's, placed them into Affinity Designer. They appear on screen perfectly, but once printed all I get is the black behind them. It is so frustrating. I'm using an iMac and only using Affinity programs so there can be no chance of software problems. Ha. This is so frustrating. @Pauls did you get a chance to use the images I provided and try this for yourself please? Thank you.
  5. Pauls, I've not heard back from you. Did you use the files for your own experiment findings? I'd really like to get this sorted. Thank you.
  6. I just put a colour behind the image so the white behind the flower in the JPG would show up when printed. I did the export PDF-X1 and it shows up with white background, same the the normal print to PDF does. Considering this printer has been printing these documents for several years, I have to assume it supports postscript transparency. I am talking four years this has been printing every document I've created out of Affinity Designer, and then Publisher. Did you open what I sent you and re-create the test sample I did? What were your results please? Thank you. A
  7. Good morning Pauls. I did that and it did not work. Then I decided to create a brand new document in Designer. I took a JPG file of a photo I'd taken, erased so there was only one flower bud, saved that file in JPG, PNG, TIFF and then using 'place' tool, placed each file into the new Designer document. I then saved that and exported it as a PDF. I printed that PDF and it did not work. There is black where the white would normally be, instead of clear space. I attach all of my files for your review. flower trial .afdesign Thank you. IMG_6690.afphoto IMG_6690.tiff
  8. Thank you Paul. I will do that, however, that does not explain why when I've been doing this process for over four years, why it's not working now. But, I will try tomorrow. I'm in the southern hemisphere, so it is sleep time now. I will post tomorrow my findings of your suggestion. Thank you.
  9. I use Photo, erase the background, export as PNG, then place PNG into file created in Affinity Designer. Once the double sided flyer is complete, I then export that file to a PDF, and print the PDF. I've been doing this for three years. It's only been the last three months or so that this problem has occurred.
  10. The original is a JPG which was brought into Affinity Photo and exported as a PNG.
  11. Pauls, I didn't get notification that a moderator replied here, I am sorry for the late response by me. Due to that, I communicated via email, who I believe are sending the Affinity file through to someone in the team who looks after these issues. I am assuming there are more than just you. if you look at the Split Liner image, the black that surrounds the white tape is not supposed to appear. The two rows of images with the black square behind the image should not be showing. They are clear PNG's. The PDF looks perfectly fine. It is only when it is printed that the issue occurs. I hav
  12. I am having the same issue, whereby a document created in Affinity Designer, some images are Jpg and some are PNG. (see attachment). I export the document to a PDF and the PNG images print black around them, it doesn't matter whether I export for print or web or 192 or 300. Visually on screen and in the exported PDF there is not a problem. Only on the printed document. I have had HP online today working on this problem thinking it is the printer, they have re-installed the drivers and it is still happening. This did not happen 6 months ago. I had printed a document out 12 months ago, no proble
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