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  1. Sure, this is one possible workaroud but it would require to export all the images created in the last years to PSD, definitely not feasible. Affinity Photo is a great product, much better than PSP, and when integrated with Designer and Publisher is unbeatable for me, no discussion.
  2. Absolutely agree: I have a lot of files in PSP format that are the only reason I've not yet moved to Photo (I own both Publisher and Designer). Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I will download the beta and try to do some tests: is this capability committed in Designer 1.7 ?
  4. Hi currently Designer has not a tool to create and format a table, so we need to manipulate each indivual cell leveraging the styles and symbols capabliities. I've downloaded the beta of Publisher and I've started using the new Table tool and for my requirements this would be perfect but, at least in the current version, you cannot copy/paste a Table from Publisher to Designer. I can see here a few options for the future: the Table tool will be added into Designer as well (best option of course) in the final relase of Publisher you will be ableto copy a Table and paste it on Designer a new Export feature in Publisher will make possible to import a Table on Designer (currently you can use a PDF or SVG but you only get a single graphical object) Can you provide your view on this specific topic ? Thanks in advance. Regards Gottardo
  5. I've removed the font and reinstalled it from a new file just downloaded and the problem is now fixed. Thanks for the support!
  6. In attachment the screenshots of my parameters: unfortunately I'm using the UI in Italian but all the figures are the same. I've managed to export the file using the preset PDF (Flattened): the Print and Web presets are causing the same error. I've notices only one difference: the systems seems unable to estimate the size of the exported file (see boxed area in the atteched PDF). In addition, in your file it's clear that you have not the same fonts installed: I've found that the problem is caused by the font "CAITLYN". Removing the font fixes the problem. Export Parameters.pdf
  7. Hi I'm unable to export this file to PDF: also trying a copy/paste of the whole content on a new file doesn't solve the problem (nor changing the destination of the PDF file) Error message is "An error occurred while exporting to:". Using Affininty ver on W10 - this the only file with such a problem. Thanks in advance Regards Gottardo Cover BUG.afdesign
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