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  1. Not a great start to my Affinity experience. I finally got Designer to open. Now I can't get Photo to open. Or Publisher. Sheesh. I understand it's a 90-day trial for each, but it's not a trial if I can't open it or use it.
  2. Well, considering I've been using InDesign for nearly 20 years, and using Quark Express for 4 years prior to that, and since I'm doing more and more web work, but still some graphic design, it's not surprising I might have not considered an exit strategy. And the tone of your "support" just sucks. You are not in sales or marketing, right?
  3. I've never created an IDML. I've never (well, mostly) worked with XML. I've worked with small ad agencies who need to open their INDD files. I've had them come back to me a year or two after working on the file and ask me to open an old INDD client file, or send it to them, or whatever. If I can't open an INDD file in Publisher, it's a no-starter for me. I'm trapped into using InDesign. There are certain advanced features (like creating interactive URLs) within InDesign I'm not sure I can do within Publisher. For a recent client, that would have been a no-starter. There's no reason to try pay
  4. And Affinity pushes support to a forum. That never goes badly when you're on a deadline.
  5. Maybe the piss-poor product support is endemic to the industry, because Adobe's support is a nightmare. I can't even entertain the though of Publisher until I KNOW that I KNOW that I can open an OLD IDD file and adequately export an IDD file. And I need to be able to create interactive links in Publisher that I can export to a PDF. And, I need to know by May 18, when my Adobe subscription expires. Or, I'm stuck with Adobe for another year.
  6. Darn it. Being able to open InDesign files is critical for me. I was hoping to say "Bye Felicia" to Adobe on May 18. My plan renews on May 19. I'm stuck for at least another year. I'll be keeping an eye out, though.
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