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  1. Thanks gdenby, this come closer to what i'm looking for, I didn't experiment this Persona yet. It's a pity there isn't a channel mixer module as in Photo Persona.
  2. Thank you @reglico and @gdenby for clarifying! I thought "styles" were something different, some applications call them presets, they consist in a certain amount of tuning that you can save as a preset (or style) so that you can apply it later on any image. Do you know if there is this feature in Affinity Photo? I didn't find anything on the help, only single module presets, is that all that can be saved? Thanks for you answers.
  3. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Photo, I'm trying to add some style for a convenient workflow. I've added a new style category; selected the picture from which i would like to save a style and tried one of the following: 1- "Add style from selection" in the menu of the style tab; 2- right click the image and choose "create new style" from the drop down menu; 3- from the main menu Edit>Create style; Nothing happens... Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  4. Lucio

    A few infrareds

    Hi Joern, good results, i have a converted camera with a cut at 720nm. I come from Gimp/Darktable (Linux OS) and I'm new to recent Pro software on Windows. I'm trying to find a productive workflow for IR images development in Affinity (i also use DXO Photolab). Could you tell my where to find any Affinity tutorial about this subject? Thanks.

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