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  1. aleksandraherzyk

    Problem with drawing

    *well, snapping off doesn't seem to do much good but stabiliser may work
  2. aleksandraherzyk

    Problem with drawing

    ok, I will try. And is there a possibility to have the pencil settings right under my pen after clicking on the button?
  3. Hi, I have purchased Affinity Photo few months ago for my work, but I have a little problem with drawing. I would love to use it but this little thing makes me return to PS all the time, I've inserted an image: In Affinity all the lines I make are a little bit shaky as You see and I have no idea how to get rid of this shakiness to draw the line as smooth as in PS. The same tablet was used (Wacom Cintiq). Also I wanted to ask if it is possible to have brush settings (size, sharpness) appearing right under the pen after clicking one of the buttons on the pen, I am used to it and it is very convenient. :) AH