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  1. Ümit

    HUGE file sizes

    Unfortunately ... these circumstances are a K. O. criterium for us. What a shame ...
  2. Ümit

    HUGE file sizes

    You didn't get the point I guess. There a countries in the world, which have very slow internet connections. Even if you would pay for it. The upload speed is miserable. So when you have to work with a cloud and have to share these files with co-workers then – even if you can't imagine it – is this definitely a huge problem. It's a big difference to upload a file with 7 MB with an upload rate of 50 kb / s (yes so slow!) instead of 700 MB. Is it clearer now?
  3. Ümit

    HUGE file sizes

    This is a huge problem! We are working with customers and freelance designers all around the world. Some of them have very, very slow internet connections ... sending these files via email or working with these files via dropbox would be simply impossible. Or just think about file versions. Layout - 01, Layout - 02 and so on. This would mean, that you have huge folder sizes which have to be synced ... so publisher will not work for our end until there is a solution.