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  1. Open any image. Enable Bebas Neue in FontBase, open the text tool, start typing in the font field letter B (for bebas). Boom crashes both on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.
  2. Hello, I am experiencing some issues with Affinity Publisher. I have two identical text frames with text. I set leading to 30pt, or 45pt, one looks properly, the other one doesn't change at all, or changes weirdly. What am I missing? Is it a bug or a feature? Thanks. demo.afpub
  3. This happens when you export the images using the export persona. If you simply do a PNG export and then use that image as a pattern, the lines go away.
  4. Holy crap, that is amazing. I definitely don't know this much about designer. Thanks a ton!
  5. I think with brushes I can simply try and create a pattern around the object, but I was wondering if it is doable with vector. I guess not yet.
  6. I want to know if there's a way or workaround in creating stuff similar to this video?
  7. But then the twist in the middle is not perfect, as is the top is not round.
  8. Hello, I am trying to re-create the airbnb logo, but I am currently struggling as you cannot combine shapes easily in Affinity Designer the way you can in Illustrator. Does anyone know how to re-create it properly using Designer? I am trying to do the same in Designer. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I was wondering how do you create something like this in Affinity Designer? I am mostly interested in shading of the windmill and sheeps.
  10. It's not always broken, sometimes it behaves unexpectedly. Here's what happens when I tried to expand stroke on this particular icon. Attached the file as well. I don't get why one side becomes all wack and the other side is perfectly fine. The curves seem to be identical. expand-stroke-bugged.afdesign
  11. But wasn't this different in 1.7? I'll check my document resolution. Update, yes, apparently I worked with 72DPI before. Does the DPI matter in vector files? On another sorry for reporting this as a bug, moderator you can close this thread.
  12. Hello, I just downloaded the latest Windows 10 beta (affinity-designer-customer-beta- and most of the bugs were ironed out. However, now the size of stroke seems to be messed up. Before if a stroke was say 30 pixels, you could draw a rectangle 30 pixels wide and it would be exactly the same. Now the stroke at 30 pixels is something like 30+100 pixels. So you have to draw a 130 rectangle to make it exactly the same width as the stroke. Am I missing something? Here'e a screenshot and the AF file. stroke.afdesign
  13. I deleted that file and launched Designer again. Asked me for a key. Now everything is fine. Thanks, guys!
  14. Where do I find it in Windows 10? Well, because I think there might be something broken with the installation file and am trying to help?
  15. Nope, it's fully functional as well. I've tried to reinstall multiple times, but nothing happens.
  16. Yes, I tried to download the trial version after I installed the paid one to see if I get asked for a key. Problem is that the trial version and the full version are exact same files and none of them asked me to enter anything. So I don't have any clue what's wrong.
  17. Hello, I've just bought the latest version of Affinity Designer since it was on sale for 20%, but the installation process didn't ask me for any key/email. You might have some issues with the installation software?
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