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  1. sdure

    failure to save a file

    I managed pdf backup, but these are not so easily editable as .afpub files - didn't manage to save out changes before Publisher crashed and I lost all changes - if you don't get the little green bar at the top - its not saving - live and learn!
  2. sdure

    failure to save a file

    Same issue here, I also had deleted arrowheads so assume this is problem. Any ideas on how to save existing file? As it won't save at all I have some hours of unsaved work I want to avoid re-doing. When the update with fix arrives how can I transfer file? If I cut and paste pages into a new file, that file inherits the same issue and refuses to save too. Suggestions?
  3. me too - all files affected, desktop and laptop same problem - crashes when I try to rearrange pages in 'pages' pane - is it possible to download the previous release so I can get on with project?

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