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  1. Is there a way to use the perspective tool on a pixel layer and have the layer masks also be effected? I have a photo with a few adjustment layers, the adjustment layers each have carefully drawn out layer masks that only effect specific areas on the photo. Now I would like to use the perspective tool to change the photo (pixel layer) is there a way to lock down the layer masks so when the pixel layer changes shape the layer masks corresponding change shape? Or do I have to flatten the file then use the perspective tool? any insights are very useful thanks
  2. Either I can't find out how to do this or I feel it would be a good feature. But I would like to see the rubylith mask when I'm painting in an adjustment layer mask. Second feature would be able to adjust the thickness of guide lines and move them when I'm adjusting the perspective. thanks for listening
  3. when I export a project I normally have between ten and thirty files I need to export from .afphoto to Jpg. Tonight I kept getting error messages attached below. Once I receive a message the only way I could solve the problem was to quit Affinity, start it back up and try again. It would then seem I could export three to five images before I would get stuck with the error message again. I am using a Mac 10.14.6. 32GB of Ram 2018 MacBook Pro Affinity Photo is the only software open at the time I rebooted couple of times I had the Affinity 1.7.2 preferences set at: 32768MI Ram Limit. I've since up it and included a snapshot in case I don't have my presences set up optimally Any thoughts or insights would be welcome thanks
  4. I’ve always been curious as to the proper way to export a layered 16bit file in adobe RGB out to an 8 bit sRGB file in affinity? By proper I guess I mean the least destructive. Up to now I’ve just changed the settings at the export dialogue box
  5. After searching through Affinity photo 1.7.1. I just can not figure out how to change a guide line to be a bit thicker and alter the color? I realize this is a simple question, I've searched and searched and can not find where to adjust at. The other question - in relation to grid lines, if I adjust the settings to 1400px uniform how can I make that a the default settings? Every time I open up a new photo it defaults back to 64px. Any insights or advice would be very welcome. thanks, Jeff
  6. I'm fairly new to using Affinity Photo and I keep running into to this problem so I thought I would ask what I'm doing wrong. My file is a tiff file saved with layers, I'm using Mac OS 14 Mojave. I have tried saving both with the keyboard shortcut command S as well as going to the file drop down menu and choosing Save. The problem I continually seem to have is after I save I will keyboard shortcut command W to close (I have not done any additional work to the image) after I do a Save and I get stuck in a loop of having a new dialog box appear telling me there have been changes do I want to Save, Don't Save, or Cancel. I Save, try and close the file and that dialog box pops back up. Any insights what I am doing wrong? thanks, jeff
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