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  1. Thanks you all for the helpful information. I'll check out these sets. Have a great day.
  2. Hey all, Is purchasing a set of brushes online worth it, or should i just make my own (if possible). I'm new at this and almost purchased this kit- https://gumroad.com/discover?query=brush affinity (The Box Set by Jeff Brown) but thought I'd check first. Thanks! G
  3. I'm new to Affinity Design and I'm working on an illustration. I'm in "Pixel Persona" using the Paintbrush tool. I'm using the color red with the opacity turned to %50. My set-up is a Surface Pro 4 and I'm drawing only with the pen. I'm coloring in some detailed areas and notice that if I go back over a spot the color gets darker. Is there anyway to keep the color the same even if I go back over a spot? Thanks! Sorry if this is confusing. I've attached a crude drawing.