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  1. I'm getting very frustrated with this, I'm trying to line up objects an exact number of centimetres apart. It is time consuming making sure you have got the exact in-between mark. Really puzzled as to why divided into 4s in the first place.
  2. Thanks R C-R This has solved my problem too. It appears that the default is Apply Lens Correction, had never looked at this before.
  3. Hi stokerg Camera is Canon 5D IV, I've attached RAW file in question. I've also attached screen dumps of Affinity after having loaded the RAW and JPG version of the same file. _29A3523.CR2
  4. What am I missing, I'm fairly new to Affinity, this morning I noticed when I loaded a RAW Canon image into Affinity the whole image is not displayed. I noticed it because an image I loaded has a figure in one corner. In affinity only part of this figure is displayed. Having noticed it with this I've tried several other images with the same result Just as puzzling is that looking in Canon DPP4 the image size is said to be 6720 x 4480, but the reduced size in Affinity is said to be 6744 x 4502!!!!!! I have my camera set to store both a RAW and JPG image, if I load the JPG image into Affinity I get the full image and Affinity says its size 6720 x 4480 Is there something Ive missed? How do I get my full RAW image into Affinity.
  5. Thanks MEB, I have found out that adjusting the Blackpoint does show clipped shadows, but I would have expected the Exposure and Brightness to show the clipped shadows in the same way as they show clipped highlights and tones. So you are saying Affinity is working the way it was intended. Thanks for reply
  6. Sorry for being a nuisance am just trying to learn Affinity. I may not be understanding something correctly with the Clipped Highlights and Clipped Shadows in the Develop Persona Exposure Section. If I open a RAW file and set the clipped options, I would expect that as I pull the Exposure Slider to the right for the image to brighten the clipped highlights to go red. If I do the opposite and pull the Exposure slider to the left I would expect the image to darken and the clipped shadows to go blue. This doesn't happen sliding to the right the clipped highlights go Red, but if I slide to the left the image just darkens and no clipped shadows are shown, even when the image is completely black. Is this what is suppose to happen? I have found by experimentation that the only one of the Exposure sliders which shows Shadows Clipping is the Blackpoint slider, whereas the Clipped Highlights and Tones are shown on all 3 of the Exposure sliders. Am I missing something?
  7. Firstdefence, Thanks for that have tried that and it works very well.
  8. I'm new to Affinity and having used Photoshop for many years I'm trying to discover how I do things in Affinity. Two things that I use a lot and can't find an equivalent to are Duplicating and Tiling. I do a lot of experimental work, so I use the Photoshop Image-Duplicate to create a new image which I work on. I may do this several times producing several images. I then use Photoshop Arrange-Tile to see the results and compare to choose which I like best. The only way I can see of duplicating an image is to Save As with 2 different names, unless I'm missing something. Again, unless I'm missing something, I don't think Affinity can display more than one image at a time. Question is if you have produced 2 versions of the same image what do you use to compare them?
  9. Thanks for that R C-R, I have to admit I've never come across it before and have been using Macs for 8-9 years, but am pleased that article says it is not well known.
  10. Thanks for that MEB. Affinity is new software to me, I've been using Photoshop for 15+ years and only bought Affinity at the beginning of the week at the Photo Show. I've spent several hours watching videos and experimenting to see how I do things in Affinity that I do regularly in Photoshop. First impressions are very positive and if anything I'm achieving better results with Affinity. It is a steep learning curve so I expect I will be scanning videos and the Forum for some time to come. Thanks again for info ElBeardo
  11. Thanks for that Callum, on mine not Alt + Tab, but Cmd + Tab. Does what is shown in video and allows drag and drop from Finder. I'm also getting 5 icons, the 2 additional ones being Safari and Sophos (Virus Detection). I'm assuming this is because video was made with older version of Affinity. Again thanks for help ElBeardo
  12. I am new to Affinity and am just learning how to use it on my Mac. I have just watched the video called "Creating a Photo Collage". In that when the presenter adds a second image to the collage there appears a panel with 3 icons on it, Affinity Beta, Question and Finder. He clicks Finder and then drags and drops the image into Affinity. No explanation is given of how he got this panel. For the third image he again goes straight into Finder and drags and drops. Can somebody please explain how this feature is activated?
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