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  1. Thank you both for following up! I am glad the AD team is working on storage issues, to avoid the reinstallation workaround! I am also very happy to report that my iCloud storage now seems to have magically fixed itself. Ipad backups are happening again, and they are a reasonable size (total 10 GB). I took no additional action since reinstalling on Mar 22. Perhaps i got an auto iOS upgrade (not sure). Currently using iOS 12.1.4. Woohoo!
  2. Hi! As mentioned in this other thread, my Affinity Designer iCloud backup has ballooned to an unmanageable size; and uninstalling/reinstalling AD did not help. New question: What might I lose by turning off and deleting AD iCloud backups? What is at stake? My thoughts: Documents: I followed DM1’s advice: saved my important documents to a non-Affinity save location. So I think these are safe now. Settings: when I reinstalled, I already lost custom palettes and options. So I’m not too worried about settings, as far as I can tell. I have to recreate them anyway. What else might I lose? What is inside my 165 GB worth of AD iCloud backup data? Do I need this backup data? Thanks again for your help and a great product forum!
  3. Hm I uninstalled/reinstalled but AD is still taking up loads of space. My iCloud backup footprint is smaller now, but still 164 GB. It might be a bit smaller because I did not save all of my AD docs, not sure? It still seems inconceivable, especially for SVG. How can I reclaim this space, or is this the price to pay for using this great software? Ps, I appreciate the file mgmt tips, DM1.
  4. Thanks, DM1! Very useful info. I’m still nervous to lose work but I guess I’ll have to save everything carefully (to a non-Affinity location) then uninstall/reinstall Affinity Designer in order to reclaim the storage space. PS - I’ve had loads of fun and productivity with this product. Hope you’re able to keep growing it!
  5. Hello. I’m sadly having this problem, too. iPad 11.4. Affinity Designer. My iCloud backup drive I’ve is full - 203GB ? Ouch! I contemplate reinstalling AD, but I have projects that I do not want to lose. Can anyone provide or point me to step-by-step instructions to help me ensure and verify that my important projects are safely backed up? And after safely backing up important projects, how to reclaim the iCloud Drive space? See attached picture. I cannot seem to perform further backups. I do not understand how Affinity could be using so much space.

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