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  1. Just now, Patrick Connor said:

    I'm not saying that it's not technically possible, we just don't do it, as it destroys threads that you have usefully contributed to. 


    You are free to walk away but your contributions are helpful as you know from the reputation you have been awarded by others. 

    Sure, so I think they would look less ugly if they were properly deleted so maybe that is what you can agree on as well

  2. 1 minute ago, Patrick Connor said:

    No, you can close and annonymise the account but not request a removal of the posts. 


    You are in control of your own posts already, I am just reminding everyone to keep to the forum posting rules. That way things stay civil 

    so please consult the team during office hours if it is indeed impossible to "automatically" remove contend as this is actually tedious for me to do for 3000 posts.


    facebook/ google has an option to do this so I'd appreciate if there was an option for you to do the same 


    I'm actually seriously done with this forum and the company  

  3. 3 minutes ago, Patrick Connor said:

    No more rudeness or passive aggression in this thread will be tolerated. 


    Step back and express opinions without these ad hominem attacks, or your posting rights will be suspended 

    is there a way to delete an account an it's content together?


    if so, and only if

    please delete all information/ posts associated with this account and then delete the the account itself 


    if not, please do not as I wish to keep control over the things I write on the internet.



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