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  1. smokeetyres

    leading override

    with the "align to baseline grid" checked and unchecked in the "create paragraph style" window 0pt leading is the least amount of lead offered - and that is a solid setting — interestingly if the font size increased at this juncture the setting is then underfeeding to the new point size yet the leading indicator in the type window still indicates 0pts of leading. thank you,
  2. smokeetyres

    leading override

    Will under leading text be available? i.e. 12 pt type with 5pt of leading looks like 12pt on a 17pt line – 0pt lead seems to be a solid setting - when trying to under lead given this construct -3pt the data field defaults to 0 and the type appears unchanged. Seems like under leading would be helpful and also maybe defining the actual height of the line would be more in keeping with a traditional mark up - 12/17 or 36/29. This is a very cool application. Thank you.
  3. smokeetyres

    export to PSD not able to be read by Ps

    Yes Kris, it is attached and a note - the file generated in the export the one that would not open in Ps was 3.19GB - the affinity file is 10.9MB. Thank you upfront for your attention. namasté smokee FaceMe01.afdesign
  4. Using both Designer and Photo to create a document – it was exported as PSD – Photoshop does not recognize the file as being valid - tried opening with Painter with similar results. Attached are the messages. The file is a 2.6GB file - don't know if that would be affecting this. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thank you.
  5. smokeetyres

    Affinity Designer Gradients Vol. 1

    graiti2d 4 U.