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    How to update

    I bought Affinity Designer through App Store but it is not showing that there is an update. I am struggling with bleed and am told this is covered in the Beta version - is it not available until it is no longer Beta? I also bought Affinity Photo at a later date but that was direct from Serif, so clearly one can buy the Mac version direct! This one came with Product keys whereas the Designer app bought through the App store didn't.
  2. WiltsLady

    Merge Layers

    I am trying to reduce the size of a flyer that has five images in it. I am exporting to pdf for the printer and coming up with a 44mb file that their email package wouldn't accept. I tried the various suggestions above but the only one that worked at all was "Group then Rasterise" (I don't know what the "=PS" means in the above post?). When I checked the quality of the pdf it was very poor quality in comparison to the original file. The new file was 8mb. I didn't keep the output since I wasn't going to use it.
  3. WiltsLady

    Merge Layers

    I tried "Group then Rasterise" but the quality is rubbish.
  4. I am having the same problem. I have managed to put printers marks on but it isn't showing the bleed. As a former Illustrator users I was accustomed to specifying the bleed when I created the document but can't see any way of doing that in Affinity.