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  1. That is not what I wanted to hear. I was hoping to consolidate programs and Affinity would eventually include this function for a better workflow.
  2. I work with both the printing industry and laser engraving and both require 1 bit files. The fact that this is not going to be supported is giant. I wanted to like Affinity over Adobe, but this is making it so I have to use yet another program to do something that Photoshop can handle in one. A true 1 bit output would be a start, but won't be a complete fix because every time there is a color conversion (to grayscale then back to 1 bit) there is the possibility of weird and unexpected things going wrong.
  3. I agree that a Bitmap option is needed. Everyone that laser engraves photographs needs to bitmap the image before being able to laser it successfully.
  4. I have template that I'm working with to create a tumbler wrap. It shows that after designing within the rectangle, that you need to arc the rectangle design 16% to have it correctly wrap. The only thing close to an arc option I've found is in photo with the mesh warp tool. I don't like this option of rasterizing and not having vector elements. I also don't see where it can be precise in creating the arc. Anyone know how to do this? Especially keeping the elements vector?
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