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  1. Please advise - I only see AF logo on AF files,, I do not have "Always view icons" checked in options.
  2. RCR Thank you! I was able to understand the second part, using the selection too to get marching ant But Something isn’t quite working for me yet. When I use select sample color tool, The marching ants toggle between selecting the dog and the ear color., depending on where in the picture I tap. However, when I use the flood fill tool, both the main dog color and the inner ear color change to the new color, Regardless of whether I attached in the inner ear or on Main dog. In this scenario I omitted the copy and paste just understand of the selection part . I think maybe I’m doing something wrong in the selecting process?
  3. Hello, SO FRUSTRATED. Am trying to edit color in a layer by using fill tool. Am new too all graphics tools. Have sample image attached. It has 3 layers. In Draw Persona, I turn off line layers and view only color layer of dog. Click Fill tool. Click in dog to get color. Click in color wheel to change color (red) but instead whole background goes red and dog is unchanged. HELP? I have tried same process on 2 psd files and no success. I seem to be unable to ungroup the parts of the dog too, but in original, these are ungrouped. 3 (2).psd