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  1. How can I bend the lines of a geometric shape? As in below, want to make the lines sag between the points so it's not so straight. ...(without going to Aff Photo>warp . I want to preserves it's editability) TIA!
  2. Carl123! you did it! the generic profiled made white be white and blue be blue! So should I just leave the generic as my default monitor setting now?
  3. OK, this did it! I now have blue looking blue, white looking white grey looking grey! miracle! So should I just leave the generic sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as my monitor default?
  4. Mark - yes, here's Devices tab. I couldn't figure out how to attach icc profile. I found it in the folder you advised but when clicked on it to open nothing happened. When I right click, I get option to install as well as other choices?? See image below.
  5. I included those in the original thread. Screen shots is the only way I could communicate the issue
  6. Appears I'm already set to that? The colors are only showing wrong within Affinity. They look correct everywhere else.
  7. I don't think it's my monitor. In looking at the images everywhere else, on Chrome, in Win Explorer, on this thread, they look accurate. Blue looks blue and white looks white. It's only in AD that white is off-white and blue is green and dark blue is gray....so weird. These are my color profiles in Win:
  8. PLEASE HELP - The colors in Aff Des are off and I can't resolve. Blue appears Green in AD. Mockup is Blue, on right, Here's what I'm doing: 1. I download the mockup file and open mockup in AD,. 2. Use dropper to get color sample, write down the color #s 3. Doubleclick color swatch in another AD File to set color #'s to new file. But color is nowhere near blue, very green. Even when I open mockup in AD, it's green Navy appear dark gray in AD Dark Gray is appearing VERY dark green in AD White tshirt (on the right below) not matching in AD. White is off-white I have uploaded mockup files to this post for samples. I am set to sRGB in doc settings
  9. Thanks all. I think the MS paint thing just added confusion. My settings are right in doc and app pref, sRGB and RGB/b. Its confusing to my eye that royal blue goes thru greys, then browns (or yuck green...or whatever the name). I can't tell if it's my eyes or screen or what...I would think as I reduce blue and move towards the Black / White range, I would end up with a true gray.
  10. Ok! got it working in the PSD file. And yes, I see what you mean with the pixel. I'll ask my designer what that's about. However, This one still not working (attached). Its text is Curves, individual letters... Never Too Old To Ride Editable (1).eps
  11. Thanks, I'm not seeing preferences/General. I'm in desktop AFF Designer , windows 10. Similar issue is happening in EPS files. attached
  12. Hi, I can't seem to get the color management right. On Paint I can make Gray, but on AD it's brown. Also on paint, I'm able to get Hue Sat Lum AND RGB in same dialog window. How do I do this in AD? Here's side by side comparison. Also, note in 2nd screen shot, I can only get Lum to 100 max but in paint , the gray is 120, TIA
  13. senor citizen (1).psdHello, My designer sent me file and font for this file in .psd. I am unable to edit text letters or color. When I click the text box, it only selects whole box can't seem to get cursor inside to edit letters or color. I can when I make a file but this seems to be on files he sent only. I'm also unable to edit color of image elements, only seem to be able to move them around. Please advise.
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