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    Good afternoon, I would like to first introduce myself to your forum. My name is Asher. The new features within the beta are incredible so far, and I would now like to congratulate the staff for giving us so much content, for such a small fee, it's very noble, given how limited our options used to be within the design market. You have freed us in a sense. Thirdly, I hope the staff will not mind, but I have began redirecting other, experienced users of Affinity Design, towards your beta program, I have made sure they have links for all relevant information w/ production warnings (given it's beta). The redirection comes from a community we share within the social media (Facebook), platform, found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/affinity.designer/ It's not my community, I'm just a member, but I want to be transparent with yourselves, and reassure you, that this community is a "vetted" community, of which, members are only accepted after they are checked. Many of the people found there are very polite and helpful, so, this shouldn't bring any troublemakers to your cause! Thank you again, Asher Latham