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  1. Hi @deebz, I'm guessing you are talking about traditional publishing whereas I'm publishing to Amazon which requires a single pdf. Anyhow, everything is fine now. The book is published and I've moved on to the next project. I think the problem was with the early version of OS11, insufficient RAM and the WindowsServer background process as I explained above.
  2. @Gabe It looks like this is ultimately a memory problem. My Macbook has 16 GB of ram but Activity Monitor showed that all used. Mac OS 11.0.1 may be part of the problem. The biggest user was the background process WindowServer. Publisher was the only app running.
  3. @Sam Neil I think there should be a progress dialog as the program is opening a file that will take some time to process. When the program is totally unresponsive and all the feedback you see is the spinning beachball (Mac) the most likely response is to Force Quit and lose all your work. Your backups are useless as they will be just as bloated. We just need a dialog that says, "Stay Calm, I'm working on it" 🙂
  4. After yet another backup copy, just in case, I followed Old Bruce and selected all the images and clicked the Embed button. Almost immediately the status of each image changed to embedded. I saved a new copy of the file and closed everything down. Started up Publisher beta and opened the new embedded backup. It started immediately and was totally responsive. The linked version of the file was 9.1 MB, the embedded version is 832.2 MB. The lesson I learned from this is if opening your linked file causes Publisher to become unresponsive just leave it alone for awhile. Don't force quit, just give it a chance to do all the calculations. For this file it took about 30 minutes of beachball and "This file is unresponsive" alerts. Save an embedded version and it will open without any spinning beachball.
  5. I seem to have pushed Publisher to its limits as it is now so slow as to be unuseable. Actually if I let the beachball spin for half an hour, as the System reports it is unresponsive, it sorts its self out and starts working again. As long as I don't close it down it seems to be OK. The document is a 180 page recipe book with lots of pictures. The images are referenced and are cell phone photographs between 1 - 2 MB The 72dpi images are placed in Picture Frames and reduced by 36% I am assuming that when I reopen the file Publisher has to recalculate all the images which overwhelms the system. The .afpub file is 9.7 MB but the exported pdf is 90.3 MB If I store the images with the file will it solve the slowdown problem and if so, is there a switch to change the storage preference? Geoff Wells
  6. Affinity Publisher Beta - MacOS 10.15.7 MacBook Pro I created a vertical stack of five small identical picture frames and dragged to select them all. Chose Alignment > Space Vertically which worked, but instead of clicking Apply I just clicked back on the document. This immediately crashed Publisher. I repeated this several times. Clicking Apply works just fine. Moral of the story - Use the app as it is designed and it works but don't go clicking where you're not supposed to. 🙂 Geoff
  7. With all the different languages to choose from, there has to be something simple I'm missing. Preferences > General > Language is set to English (United States) but there is an option to choose English without any dialect. Text Styles > Base > Language > Spelling my only option is English (Canadian). I am writing for the US market and don't want to confuse them with all the extra "U"'s. How can I specify English (United States) in the Base > Language option? Thanks
  8. Not a huge problem but the floating studio pallets are on a layer above the export window. If you have things positioned certain ways the pallets can blog the export window buttons and you cannot click them. You can move the pallet of course but I think the Export window should be at the same level as the Save window.
  9. Thanks, Old Bruce that was the magic I was looking for. I didn't create two unlinked master pages on purpose, it was just how it ended up with my tinkering. Lesson learned and so now I know what not to do.
  10. 1.70.249 Mac 10.14.3 I'm new to Publisher and I guess I'm missing something. I understand about loading the cursor with overflow text but when I click and hold the shift key new facing pages are generated, but the text only flows to the left or right based on the page I start from. I would expect the text to flow to both left and right pages, as in a novel - this is how InDesign works. Is there a setting somewhere that I haven't found yet? Thanks, Geoff
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