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  1. I love the fact that Pinning is now part of Publisher but there is a possible bug with Wrapping. I'm new to Publisher so sorry if I'm just doing it wrong. I added two small 3 column text blocks over two full-page text blocks. The full-page blocks are full of text. The 3 column blocks have their Wrap Style set to Jump and they are linked. Wrap seems to work with pinning set to Float but is ignored when pinning is set to Inline. Is it me or is it a bug? Mac 10.14.4 MacBook Pro
  2. I'm still finding the switch from Adobe a bit of a challenge, sure it will get easier as I figure out Affinities little quirks.
  3. Thanks, everyone for your feedback. I attached a couple of screenshots to try and illustrate my confusion. I seem to remember InDesign had the + after a style name and you just option clicked to update the text. Looks like Publisher has more options and it is not intuitive how they all interrelate. I will read the help section again very slowly - I'm sure this will be another one of those - it's easy once you know how to do it features.
  4. I expect that changing the font size in a paragraph style definition would change all paragraphs tagged with that style throughout the document. That does not appear to be the case! Publisher Mac This is so basic that I guess it is me that just doesn't know which button to push. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
  5. Thanks, Old Bruce that was the magic I was looking for. I didn't create two unlinked master pages on purpose, it was just how it ended up with my tinkering. Lesson learned and so now I know what not to do.
  6. 1.70.249 Mac 10.14.3 I'm new to Publisher and I guess I'm missing something. I understand about loading the cursor with overflow text but when I click and hold the shift key new facing pages are generated, but the text only flows to the left or right based on the page I start from. I would expect the text to flow to both left and right pages, as in a novel - this is how InDesign works. Is there a setting somewhere that I haven't found yet? Thanks, Geoff