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  1. Yes, this is infrared. I'll attach a small version of the original photo right out of camera. I found it highly interesting as I realized all that intense colors were still in the photo. Fujifilm X-T20 + Fujinon XF 18 – 55 mm , cheap (7,50 €) Neewer IR filter, 720 nm
  2. I was told this is a horrendous picture. Depends on the point of view. I find it quite interesting for two different aspects: 1) Original photo was pretty blurred, still it was possible to recover a lot of details. 2) The blueish background makes the motive appear like warm-colored - while it's pure b/w grayscale. Fujifilm X-T20 + Fujinon XF 18 – 55 mm , cheap (7,50 €) Neewer IR filter, 720 nm
  3. The "Battenbergturm", one and only landmark of Haldern, Germany, taken about a month ago. Fujifilm X-T20 + Fujinon XF 18 – 55 mm , cheap (7,50 €) Neewer IR filter, 720 nm
  4. Some willows in Haldern, Germany, taken a month ago. Fujifilm X-T20 + Fujinon XF 18 – 55 mm , cheap (7,50 €) Neewer IR filter, 720 nm
  5. It's an old thread, I know. But maybe one day a lonely traveller from outer space on a quest for superficial wisdom stumbles upon it. Quite often, the color channels of such photos are a bit displaced, red, blue and green channels far apart - you can spot that in the histogram. Try to get the color channels united again (Curves, Color Balance, ...), stretch the image (google "astrophotography stretching"), then raise the saturation. This should provide some colors. But M31 (Andromeda) might be the wrong object to start with - although it's real large and bright (thus a nice target for guys without a telescope, but with a telephoto lens), there's a better object for taking your first steps: good old Orion, M42 and M43. Easy to find, and bursting with colors. And you can't repeat it often enough: Use RAW files.
  6. oliix: Some years ago, Mazda released their first MX-5. It lacked a clock in the dashboard. A storm of outrage took off. Just imagine: A car without a clock. Unbelievable. So Mazda introduced a dashboard clock with their next model. It looks like - see attachment. Not pretty. No whistles and bells. No timers, no alarms, no fuel consumption gauge, no fancy animations, no stylish chrome bezel. Just a clock. Mazda could have done better, sure. But that MX-5 is a great car for driving. Which is it's primary purpose. Not displaying the time of day, which I regard as a pure add-on. Mazda gave me a nice, powerful and reliable car (one repair in 20 years, had to change the ignition wires) at a sound price, making me happy every time I enjoy the sun and the power of the wind when I go topless. So I am happy with it, even if the clock could be better. Got the idea?
  7. Being a German, I need to admit the lack of a universal sign badly needed in Germany: "ALLES VERBOTEN!" If there's no law explicitly permitting a matter, it's prohibited automatically.
  8. (Hope this is no repeated suggestion - quick use of the search function didn't reveal anything; at least not to me.) There's some lengthy operations like stacking. (I do some astrophotography at novice to intermediate level, so there's masses of RAW files to process for checking out if Affinity might replace Deep Sky Stacker. At present, DSS seems to be a bit better suited for that task.) Now there's no progress indicator. I need to listen if my lazy cooling fans wake up, or fire up Windows' task manager for having a look at the CPU load. Otherwise I wouldn't have any idea if Affinity is working, twiddling thumbs or taking a guru meditation in crash country. Thus a progress indicator would be a fine addition.
  9. Hello, Chris and Mark. I don't regard this as a big deal, just mentioned it in case it's of any use to you. Romans 11, verse 33: "Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of the Developer! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!" I guess we just cannot expect software to be compatible with any future developments unless we get hold of H. G. Wells' lost plans of that time machine.
  10. Chris: Indeed, that's also been my idea. Doesn't happen with 1.6 - and shouldn't happen "by design". Right yesterday, I did some highly important works for a German sex toy wholesaler, spent quite some time with the text design - only to find out all efforts gone after spotting some dust on the "device" and quickly removing it with the Inpaint brush. Removing the dust also removed all my layer effects in an instant, and caused a highly audible stream of real bad words we better don't discuss in detail. So fixing it might prove to be a "sound" idea.
  11. Other brushes of the same category (like Healing) also trigger this problem. Steps to reproduce: Open a new document. Use the Text tool, apply any layer effects. Switch to one of the correction brushes, like Inpaint. Use the brush. This resets all layer effects previously applied to the text. Quite nagging if you already used a bunch of effects. Sometimes the problem occurs right after selecting the brush, sometimes not before putting the brush to use. Seems like the issue is triggered only with the very first text item used, maybe connected with rasterizing the layer.
  12. Title says it (almost) all. Throws attached error message. Interestingly, my saved shortcuts were applied nevertheless.
  13. Thank you, Chris. I hope you were able to follow my slightly weird explanation - the term "tabs" (instead of "screens") just didn't cross my mind. To put it right: The crashes happened when switching tabs with the Refine window still open.
  14. Problem occurred several times after creating a selection, copying the selection to a newly created blank file screen (4700 x 2700), then deleting the selection from the newly created screen. "Hard" crash, AP didn't react on anything anymore, had to kill the task via Task Manager. Just tried to reproduce the problem, but failed. Maybe occurs only after doing a lot of selection modifications including refine. Ha! Finally triggered it! Crash occurred after refining, then switching back and forth between both screens with the Refine window still open.
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