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  1. äh ,.. of course we are making pdf`s (at our side there are studied graphic designers) but our chinese partners oviously cant`t use them the way wea re expecting,... or better said their proceeding "machines" can`t use. at the end this is the reason that they are re-doing our files ,.. but, wrong. they are not even using our fonts !
  2. dear Affinities, We regularly work with Chinese designers as we manufacture our products in China. Our company exclusively uses Apple devices in the office as well as in the creative area. Currently we use Adobe Indesign and Co. for our artwork because we thought this would be the international standard. it is not. Very often we had to find out that our Chinese contact persons obviously did not use our artworks but copied our printable pdf in corel draw. (copied in a way of re-work the same file) the result was/is usually an absolute disaster. after many conversations we found out that almost all processing partners such as laser (for engraving brand names or product labels) as well as printing plants (for printing on cardboard boxes) exclusively use PC and Coreldraw. In China, it seems that Corel has become the market leader thanks to Coreldraw's performance and pricing policy. Knowing this, it would be great if Affinity products could be expanded to include CDR "Import from" and "export as". just as an idea
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