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  1. As moving designs between several different CAD/CAM programs using DXF as the standard interchange format is a fundamental and essential part of my workflow, it proved to be too much of a headache to use external format converters (which usually mangle the drawing in the process), and in the end I went back to the more mature vector drawing program I was using before I tried out Affinity. As I'm no longer an Affinity user I don't know what "more foundational" deficiencies you are hinting at, but perhaps if Affinity is at as such a primitive stage of development, it should still be in beta and not a commercial product with version number 1.8.whatever.
  2. Inkscape has a killer feature called spiro splines. It's really amazing how much easier it is to draw and manipulate perfectly smooth, beautiful curves with spiro mode turned on. AD's 'smart curves' are no comparison.
  3. If you're willing to use an external program to do the conversion, Inkscape already exists and is free and cross-platform. It isn't perfect but I'd rather see some effort put into improving Inkscape's DXF import/export support than writing an entirely new program.
  4. +1 DXF import/export would be useful for me too. Right now I'm keeping Inkscape around just to do file format translation.
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