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  1. Many thanks for the information. I have mainly used earlier different apps and still a rookie with Affinity range. Therefore, it takes couple of moments before getting familiar with all details.
  2. WD R-U.afdesign Yes, here it is I actually exported it only as svg -file but now it´s here as Affinity -file. Size was in cm 80 x 200.
  3. I was creating a roll-up with Designer. Exporting as svg, jpg are ok. Also, pdf looks to be ok when exporting but when opening it with some other app like Adobe Acrobat there is only a part of the picture as a square but nothing else.
  4. Thanks for bits of advice. That logo was originally made as a text with Photoshop. Only small part something different than text. Easier would have been to create it right away with Affinity Designer.
  5. I have a problem with name-logo. I created it with Mac and Affinity Designer and exported in vector format. But when it will be opened with Adobe Illustrator for printing it is not in vector format. What is wrong, what should I do to make it in correct format? Here attached the affinity files as well as eps. Wisdomic by Affinity DesignerII.eps Wisdomic by AD.afdesign White Wisdomic by Affinity Designer.afdesign