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  1. +1 for word count in Publisher. I create documents in Publisher and need to track word count as I go. Atm I have to repeatedly copy & paste text into another app to do that. Not such an issue with a 4 page doc, but some are 150+ pages, then it’s a problem.
  2. Big PLUS ONE on the plugins support! (Topaz, NIK, DxO Filmpack, On1). And a list of compatible plugins that is kept up to date would be really useful :) Finding AP more and more awesome the more I work with it, thank you!
  3. BIG +1 for plugin support! Would love to be able to use Topaz Adjust, Clarity, Detail and Denoise. AP is a truly great application (thank you devs!) but being young still it doesn't "do it all" yet, I know, we must be patient...
  4. +1 on this. This would be very useful for small print design jobs. I know this is not meant to be an InDesign/Quark Xpress competitor, but multiple pages/artboards would be a very welcome addition for double sided leaflets, 6 page gatefolds etc.
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