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  1. It would be nice to see a "Zone Mapper" adjustment layer added to Affinity Photo. Perhaps the best location to place a tool like this would be in the Tone Mapping Persona? Or as a Live Adjustment Layer in the Photo Persona? Unsure, as I am new to Affinity Photo. Most of us (who aren't dead yet, we're mostly barely "In our Fourties") learned the Zone System in Fine-Art Photography as idealistic young photographers. We learned the limitations of contrast and perception (which are still valid), and Zone System is just a simple and intuitive way to acheive placement of tones from Absolute Black to Absolute White in a logical fashion. There are so many books on the Zone System. The methods and concepts OF the Zone System (for Color or B&W) break down into a VERY intuitive fashion once you wrap your head around the ideas involved. They're actually not THAT involved. Easily with the Zone Scale you can place tones from Absoute Black to Maximum Shadow Detail to Midtone to Maximum Highlight Detail and then to Absolute White. (Zones 0, 3, 5, 7, 10, and then you can fine tune a bit more if you like with the placement of the other Zones/Tones). The best example of this in Software that I have found is LightZone. I would like to have this concept incorporated into Affinity Photo so I can work with a single tool and have the results I want to achieve in just a single, coherent, powerful Application for a clean workflow. I don't see how adding an optional Adjustment Layer type could hurt Affinity Photo's workflow or usability. In fact I definitely think it would be an enhancement. Especially for photographers interested in preparing Exhibition Quality Black and White Prints, or want to adapt color images via the "Color" Zone System. I agree that the Zone Mapper tool in Light Zone would be and could be beautifully emulated as an adjustment layer in Affinity Photo. I'd really like to see this happen!
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