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  1. polyeder

    issue with OTF italic fonts

    I tried each and everything without success. On my PC Gotham Book Italic is shown as missing in APub's resources dialog although it's properly displayed in the document. All other Gotham fonts work fine and on another Windows PC everything works fine with the same Gotham font set. As Gotham Book Italic displays and prints fine despite of the error message i'll stop wasting time with the strange Windows font system. Thank you very much for all your assistance and best regards to LibreTraining for the care package.
  2. polyeder

    issue with OTF italic fonts

    I checked the Gotham Fonts with the 30 day trial of Font Expert under Tools/Detect Font Problems/Installed Fonts. All Fonts are reported as not having problems. Same with Tools/Detect Font Problems/Font substitutions. I deinstalled the Gotham fonts anyway and reinstalled the same Gotham fonts sent to LibreTraining but the problem persists, even with the new
  3. polyeder

    issue with OTF italic fonts

    No, just plain Windows 7.
  4. polyeder

    issue with OTF italic fonts

    sorry for the late reply, Im currently out of office and will follow up on this next week. Thx LibreTraining for jumping in.
  5. polyeder

    issue with OTF italic fonts

    Wow, thanks a lot for all the effort. Must have been a lot of work. I followed your advice and found Gotham-Book_0.otf etc. in the font folder. After deleting all gotham fonts I restartet Windows and tried to reinstall the fonts. But Windows claimed that the fonts are already installed so the font cache wasn't cleaned. I installed them anyway, but the original issue still persists. Next I'll try to clean the font cache manually and reinstall again...
  6. I have two OTF Fonts installed named Gotham Book and Gotham Book Italic Drawing a text box with a few words in Gotham Book is ok. As soon as I change a word to Gotham Book Italic the font of the word changes correctly but the Font Manager reports missing Gotham Book Italic Changing the substitution font or substitution style in Font Manager is not possible. It immediately switches back to Arial Italic This seems to happen only wih OTF fonts. Using the Windows standard Calibri and Calibri italic TTF fonts works (see second pic)
  7. polyeder

    issue setting tabs

    Hi Jon, here's the video: tab-bug.mp4
  8. new document with document unit set to pixels create text block Set tab beyond 400 px doesn't work. Value is limited to 400 px. Setting Tab to 400 px, clicking ... and changing Tab in the small window to value greater 400px works
  9. polyeder

    Introduce Yourself

    Congratulation for a great piece of work. I was looking for a replacement for the outdated xpress stuff and indesign wasn't an option because of the subscription ripoff. I'm currently trying the publisher beta in an evaluation project and I'm really excited. What a difference to the awkward xpress dinosaur. I'll certainly buy a publisher license once it becomes available.