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    Brushes too pixelated - DESIGNER

    Yeah, I was drawing with the wrong tool, what a noob! Thanks for the replies!
  2. Hey guys! So I was working fine and trying out new brushes on the pixel persona. Painted a whole bunch of things just fine with awesome definition and flow. Had a tea break and when I came back the brushes were different, super pixelated and really lacking the finesse I was able to work with before. This was literally out of the blue. I've tried several zooms, hardness, flow, with and without stabilizer, wet edges on and off, turn on and off both the software and my computer, switched to NVIDIA graphics instead of the preset, and still had super pixelated brushes. Tried to find an answer online and couldn't, I'm losing hope as we speak. In the images, all the lines are vectors and all those textures were made with pixelated brushes. In the second image I use the same brush I used to paint the keyboard for you to see what I'm talking about, and in the background I used other brushes but still sharp and with that crispy smoothness we all love. What can I do to get my awesome smooth brushes back?? Please help me out here! My workflow is getting severely damaged. Thank you so much in advance! Cheers, Patricia