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  1. That's great! I didn't know it was already done. I'll try this when I get the chance. Thanks, dominik!
  2. Hello! I'm a proud owner of the full Affinity suite and I really enjoy using it. Selection dragging in AD and AP can be chosen to be either the Corel way (drag over the whole objects) or Adobe way (intersect with objects). It would be great if we could map a hotkey or modifier to switch between the two modes, as sometimes one is more suited than the other for what I'm trying to accomplish. Thanks a lot for all the hard work!
  3. I made an account just to add to this thread. I have a recurring task that implies cropping images from different sources to 1:1 ratio. I have to select 1:1 from the dropdown, then check darken border, then finally crop. Do this 20-30 times in a row and you'll see the issue.