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    To produce text and graphics for our charity and church

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  1. Hi Mithferion for your reply - and your interest. I have now checked the 'Preview Mode" but everything on the Context Tool Bar is just two tones of grey - as is almost everything on the Menu Bar. So I have put together my understanding of what is happening and sent it off to the Beta Forum. Again, thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Matt! I'm Geoff Hopson from Qld Aus. A million thank-yous for Affinity. I've been using Adobe since the 1980s ending with CS4. When I bought a new iMac last May, CS4 did not 'fit!' I am retired for some years and my budget and the charity I an helping as a volunteer baulked at the $80 a month to hire their product. A graphic artist suggested I search for Affinity. I could not believe what I was discovering. It was like stumbling through a desert and falling into a bubbling water supply. Needless to say, I can't stop talking about Affinity. I have a problem. I was working today with Affinity Publisher and Normal Mode just disappeared off my screen. The project page I was still there. I replaced the tool box and a banner across the top. That's all! I downloaded the program again, but no change. Maybe I accidentally pressed a key which caused the event. I don't know. I can't find any panels. I'm stuck! I am a bit overwhelmed in coming to terms with the complexity of the program; but I would really appreciate help. I am sending this to you as it seemed the easiest doorway to get for the help I need. Thanks heaps. Geoff H.
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