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  1. Hello @Gnobelix and thanks again to @firstdefence! Today I've tried it again. Removed every bit of the driver I could find. Deinstalled, removed files. And re-installed. I got an error message "c windows syswow 64 wintab32 deletefile didn't work code 5". I searched for the solution and got the advice to remove the file manually. And oh wonder - it worked! Eventually this was the error and I got the new driver installed without any further errors. Tried it with Affinity photo and: the pen reacts. So awesome, it finally worked. Thanks for your advice and for taking the time! You helped a lot!
  2. Hey, thanks for the answer - this is my first graphic tablet with this pc. So no there aren't any old drivers installed. But that sounds like that even the old version of this tablet driver could generate the problem. Since your suggestion I've un-installed the old driver and re-installed the new one. But that didn't help unfortunately...
  3. Hello everybody! My problem is the following: I have bought Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I absolutely love both and appreciate the alternative to Adobe. But as soon as I enter the programs with my graphic tablet (Huion DWH69) and do the first click with my pen the cursor just stops and doesn't react anymore until I will use the mouse again instead of the pen of my tablet. My OS is Windows 8.1 and I've updated the driver already after I detected the issue and searched for problem solving experiences. Did anyone have the problem already or is there a suggestion how to solve it? Thanks a lot!