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  1. Had another try, does not work. Taking a new pdf file with the old name results in pdf-page-1 on every page as well.
  2. Placing the pdf again on every new (empty) page does not work either. So renaming the new files (to the old names) seems to be the only workaround. Not very comfortable, but working. Thanks.
  3. Sorry, my explanation wasn’t quite correct. Next try: - I am starting with an AP document named „S“ (size: DIN A4). - Saving as a pdf „S.pdf“ (still in DIN A4) - Now a new AP document named „P“ in letter format. First page: place „S.pdf“, adjust height to 279.4mm Duplicate page (= p2), select page 2 of „source pdf“ Duplicate page (= p3), select page 3 of „source pdf“ and so on - At last write a pdf from „P“ -> P.pdf Please do not ask: I’ll have to work with these formats (A4 + letter). My source will always be S (DIN A4) and P (letter)
  4. There’s another problem on multi page pdfs. I have an AP document with a multi-pdf-document placed – all by hand, page 1 to 1 etc. ... Now if I change my source document and update it in the AP document it will change every page to page 1 of the pdf. What can I do?
  5. Sorry, I was off work for some days. Working on books I often have to change some basic characteristics of (multiple used) objects. Take for instance a coloured box (e.g. containing text with additional information) used up to 40-50 times in the complete layout. Changing text styles is easy, but try to change colour of the box or add a shadow ... Sometimes you can work with linked files, but this ist not a satisfying solution. A “simple“ object style palette (as it is for text styles, as it is in Adobes apps) would be a great time saver.
  6. Thanks - but this is no way. As long as I can’t change a larger amount of objects (e.g. in a book) by working on the style Publisher is not an alternative to INDD.
  7. Please, can anyone tell me how to edit an object style in Publisher, I can’t find a way to change them. Thanks btw. How can I save a shortcut to "show in finder" from the resources window?
  8. @walt.farrell Thanks, this makes it much easier. (I wish I could stick a default like "this layer always on top" to a layer.) @carl123 I'll have a try next time. btw.: Is there anybody who did not buy all three apps?
  9. Thanks, this works. But it is a deeeeep pain to do the rearranging on a complete book’s pages ... You can do this kind of work on a single page design in Designer, but software like Publisher ist made for multi page layouts, right? I guess, I have to stick to Indesign for some time.
  10. Yes, I know there are some threads about global layers. I still think without those layers Publisher is NOT the right choice for professional DTP !!!! But there is another issue I could need some help – if there is a solution at all. I encountered a problem on working with the master layers. They are always grouped on each page, but I need them seperated as in this example: - Master Layer 1 (e.g. frame on top of the page) - Text Layer - textframe 1 - textframe 2 - Graphic Layer - picture 1 - picture 2 - picture 3 - Master Layer 2 (e.g. b
  11. I am waiting for this feature, too. This is essential for people working on layouts with lots of pic linked.
  12. Everytime I start Designer and create a new document the window is very small sized. How can I set a default size for new windows? Attached pics show actual and wanted size. ------ macmini, Yosemite, Monitor: Dell U2717D (2560x1440)
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