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  1. v_kyr: You referred to "Assistance Manager settings." I am new to Affinity, can direct me to this function...I have looked and cannot find. The Beta version is supposed to support CR3 but it has not worked for me.
  2. The Beta version announcement claims to support CR3, but that is not my experience. For what is worth, Apple Mojave can open a CR3 and can edit as well. When I opened a 24 mb file and saved it to Tiff for editing in Affinity, a 24 mb file turned into a 70+ mb file. Canon's DPP system is rather clumsy, so Apple's Photos seem to be the easiest to use at the first stage of editing. I have made this point before: Canon is practicing hocus pocus marketing stuff by claiming the CR3 saves space. I have used Canon exclusively since 1989, and this is the first time I am making a public complaint (complained to Canon as well). I'm really hoping that Affinity really comes up with a solution for the CR3...It will hae to due to the new Canon R series I'll never buy the full version of Photoshop because of Adobe's subscription only policy and Elements does not open the CR3.
  3. Life gets weird when you don't do your research up front . Canon advertises the M50 for its RAW CR3. on the grounds that the RAW3 file size is smaller. Marketing nonsense. File storage is not the limiting factor for Camera use for the last decade. Storage is cheap by any measure. What Canon is doing is following the marketing trend of al things wireless and and on portable devices. For Mac users that means iOS (iphone and ipad). Some people want to play on portable devices, but that is not for everyone. For myself, I'm certainly not going to edit on an ipad. I have a MacBook Pro for that. There is a work around and it goes like this: install Canon's DPP4 (Digital Photo Professional 4) for High Sierra. (Not available for Mojave). Open the RAW3 in DPP 4 and save in tiff to your computer's file storage system. In a test run, a 23 MB RAW3 file turned into a 192 MB file, but at least now I don't have to edit in jpg. Did I say in the first sentence that "Storage is cheap by any measure?" While I generally like the M system for its size, its ease of use, and portability, I have paid a considerable price in post-photo processing by not doing my research before I bought the thing. I fell victim to marketing hocus-pocus. Sure, I hope Affinity comes up with a desktop version of processing CR3.
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