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  1. Hey everyone! We use Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher to produce a monthly publication. Use Designer for ad production, and then place the ads in Publisher. I would like to use my iPad Pro for more work with Designer and Photo, but my issue is font syncing. The fonts don't sync with the document to the iPad. I open an ad I want to modify, but the fonts are not there. This makes it impractical to use for this. Am I missing something simple on the font syncing issue? Does anyone have any thoughts or, even better, solutions? Thanks!
  2. Glad you got it solved (apparently). But it seems that this is quite a bit to jump through and could be solved with a simple check box in the style that says "Keep with next." Just sayin'.
  3. Dear Affinity: There has been resistance in the developer community to porting apps to Linux, but now would be a good time. I think with ONE professional content creation company making the move, there would be a flood to the apps and platform.
  4. Honestly, it should make no difference and doesn't when I use Intel machine to Intel machine. All files are mirrored locally to each machine and links maintained. Only when trying to open a APub publication saved on the M1 machine with an Intel-based machine do I get crashes. It is unstable, which means unusable for a production environment. I have to work only on the Intel machines, which makes our M1 machine unviable for the reason it was purchased. However, we do use it, just to a limited extent.
  5. Crash, crash, crash. I now have 1.93 on both the 2017 Intel iMac and the 2020 M1 MacBook Air. Here's the sequence: • Fonts in use are all synced, Adobe CC not open on either machine; • I create/open a file of our publication on the iMac, make a change, save it; • Let it sync via Dropbox to the M1 Air; • Open file on MacBook Air, make a change and save it; • Allow resyncing via Dropbox; • Attempt to re-open on Intel iMac: File will not open. Crash, crash, crash. • Rarely, Designer and/or Photo will crash also. I purchased a loaded M1 MBA just to be able to be mobile when I needed to be to do creation and editing on Affinity Publisher files. It has been 3 months of frustration. The Intel iMac remains our main production machine, but I am not able to sync back and forth with the M1 MBA. If a staff member will email me a new upload link, I will upload our latest file to test. Thank you.
  6. Crash, crash, crash. Updated to 1.9.2 on Intel 2017 iMac and 2020 M1 MacBook Air. If I open a publication on the Air and Save As, then try to open it on the iMac (via Dropbox), the iMac version crashes. Vice versa. I have sent the file with small changes back and forth many times. However, SOMETIMES, the files will open on the other platform! Other times, AP just snaps shut. There is no discernible pattern. If I try to load two AP files on the iMac, a small one and the larger main publication, AP crashes. It is simply not stable. For a while, I thought Adobe fonts were causing the problem. I had CC open on one platform, but not the other. So, I made sure it was open on both. For the next couple of times, the file opened on both platforms. Then, AP started crashing again whenever I tried to open a file saved on the Air to the iMac. We purchased the Air (fully loaded), and waited for months for it to arrive, to be able to do layout work outside the office. However, this is not useable. This program is not stable enough for production work when attempting to edit the same file between Intel and ARM Macs. That's my experience even with 1.9.2. The image below is my constant companion now.
  7. Hi SPaceBar: That you for your attention to this. Caused me great angst. I was able to finish the publication on my 27" Intel iMac (2017, I5, 24gb, AP 1.9). However, even it had crashing problems. On the new M1 (2020, 13" Air, 16gb, AP 1.9.1), I was able to get it to load without crashing one time. It is a 24 page large format, magazine style newspaper, with lots (50+) of different stories and links ads. Plus photos. The ads are in both PDF and native designer. We are out of the office now, but I will send it on Monday, March 8, if that's OK with you.
  8. Thank you. I appreciate the advice. Thankfully I have the file open and working on a slightly older Intel-based iMac. I recently purchased a loaded M1 — waiting for months for it to arrive — to be able to work on projects outside the office, but when I tried to open the project the last few days, boom. Publisher just snaps shut. I am sure I have generated many, many crash reports to Apple 🙂. Anyway, what can you do?
  9. This is TERRIBLE. Updating to 1.9.1 has made Publisher crash on my new M1 Macbook Air (Big Sur 11.2) whenever I try to open a file I started on another computer. Now, when I reinstall 1.8.6, it tells me it can't open the file because it contains elements from a newer version. ARGHHH! I am on deadline. I am sorry, I love Affinity, but I have to say that this is UNACCEPTABLE. If there is one thing a page layout program MUST NOT DO is crash when opening current files. These page layout programs contain so much work and are so deadline-oriented, that the program must be like the Hoover Dam — rock solid and dependable.
  10. M1 MacBook Air, 16gb. Big Sur 11.2 Affinity Publisher 1.9.1 Publisher 1.9 (and 1.9.1) crashes whenever I try to load a 24 page publication file with lots of linked Affinity Designer and PDF files. Magazine style publication with many ads and photos. Terrible problem on a deadline. I hate updates. Please advise.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I did purchase through Serif, thankfully, and was able to download and install a previous version. Was able to open my files again. Whew. Also had an unrelated crash of my main computer, so a cascade of issues. Was trying to open files on an older machine with weak specs. However, it did work with the previous versions of Publisher and works now. Just FYI for anyone trying to open old files with the 1.9 version on a weaker machine.
  12. I publish a monthly newspaper. It is full of linked PDF and Designer files. I foolishly upgraded to Publisher 1.9 without waiting for reports. Now, Publisher crashes whenever I try to open latest file! Tried back issues, but same result. How can I roll back the version number?
  13. Yes, yes, yes. The original VP engineers were very forward thinking and evidently were designers themselves. The power of VP has yet to be matched, although it was hampered by being limited (mostly) to the Wintel platform and now technology has passed it by. However, many of the features such as paragraph tagging, span columns, and others (such as book publishing tools) are still very needed in the industry. Print is going to make a big comeback and we need good tools like APub.
  14. I think we old Ventura Users needs to start a support group :-). I also was a member of VPUG. The lady who published the magazine, her name was Nancy, I think. Very nice lady. Once you groked the framing concept VP was very intuitive. One thing I still miss is the non-contiguous paragraph tagging. What a great tool! I could just highlight separate subheads in the magazine text by holding down the shift key, then click on the paragraph style tag and bang, it was done. Same with Span Columns paragraph style tags (hint). So many advanced features. Sad it's gone, but glad Publisher is here! Much better alternative than InDesign.
  15. Hey fellow Affinityites, serious question: What is the deal with this missing feature? I use all 3 Affinity products to design our monthly publication, but back in 1990s, we used Corel Draw to design our ads (I had a gap in my publishing career :-)). Draw had this feature back then. Affinity users have been clamoring for this feature for years now (times flies!). I didn't use it a lot back in the day, and I know there are work-arounds using Photo, but the fact that it is missing from Designer seems to diminish the reputation of the software. So, why is it missing? Is it difficult to implement in the code? Is Serif trying to give users a reason to pay for an upgrade to 2.0? (We would upgrade anyway.) It seems the same with the inexplicably missing "Span columns" feature in Publisher. It's a basic feature and the lack of it seems to diminish the reputation of the software vis-a-vis Adobe. Does anyone have any insight, or maybe some inside scoop on this? Any idea when, or if, it will be implemented? Are these features just hard to implement? No snark please. I am sincerely asking. Thanks.
  16. I am using the latest version of Publisher 1.8.6, running Mac OS Catalina building a newspaper/magazine layout. Every time I try to use the right click command to insert filler text, the program locks up. Frustrating. Anyone else having this problem?
  17. Well, despite the lack of the "Span column" feature, I made the move to Affinity Publisher five issues ago for our monthly publication. I love it. Great decision. First month of transition was a challenge, but after that, it has gone fairly smoothly. Haven't really missed the Span Column feature, once I got used to simply putting in a Text Box for each headline. Still looking forward to it being added, but it has not been the deal-breaker for us that I thought it would. Great program, Affinity!
  18. Glad to see the old Ventura Publisher get some well-deserved and past due love. It was very powerful, intuitive, and easy to learn and use. RIP. I used the No Paragraph Break feature all the time back in the day. The Affinity Publisher programers could learn a lot from revisiting the features of VP :-). Be that as it may, also glad to see Span Columns for AP getting more attention. Needed.
  19. I think it depends on your work. For people whose text/article blocks can move or be rearranged during production, it's a must. Also, it just seems like a basic function that got overlooked and now programmers aren't sure how to implement/integrate it. It's not a sin. Things get overlooks. Maybe it's hard to implement. Who knows? However, without it, I cannot make Publisher my production program and have to stick with ID. That's just me. It would be nice if they would let us know where it is in the roadmap. I do want to point out that the greatest, most powerful yet easy-to-use page layout program, Corel Ventura, which was cruelly euthanized by its owner, had the span column feature back in the 1990s, over 20 years ago. It was, like most things with Ventura, elegantly implemented and easy to use. It just seems that 20 years later a program that deigns to be a professional tool would include Span Columns as a matter of course. Again, just my view. Don't freak out, people, I actually own and (try to) use Publisher whenever I can.
  20. Pariah73: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Serif and Affinity. I use their products daily to produce work. I even bought products (Publisher, iPad Designer and Photo) that I can't/don't use just to support the company and its wonderful efforts. Here's the concern: When we bring up these basic features that are missing, there is no feedback or response. Will they be added at some point or not? Is the company hearing daily users? Do they realize that while we can work around or live with missing features for a while, it would be nice to know that someone is listening and perhaps if and when they might be coming. Just that would make all the difference. In any relationship, communication is the key 🙂. BTW, the snarky comments from Affinity preview version testers — I am not referring to you — who seem to regard themselves as our betters, don't help and just turn people off. Just FYI.
  21. Jowday: Perhaps you can help me with something. In Adobe Illustrator, there are two issues that keep me from using the program: 1) It does not seem (easily) possible to align a stroke on live text to the outside, only to the middle or inside, both of which intrude on the text itself. I do a lot of ad designs with busy backgrounds and need this feature (Designer has it and Corel Draw has it). Plus, I just don't like the look of text with strokes in it. 2) When marquee selecting in Illustrator, it seems that every element the selection box TOUCHES is selected.To me, this is nigh on unusable. In Designer and Draw, only the elements entirely enclosed are selected — which is much preferable being quicker and easier with little de-selecting. I use a lot of elements from one illustration as templates when starting another, so this a key thing for me. These functions seem so basic, yet I have not found any answers for them anywhere on the web. Am I just missing something obvious in Adobe Illustrator? Thanks for any help.
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