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  1. Thank you Walt for the detailed response. I'm actually much more familiar with regex than I am publisher documents so by the time I got to your reply I had already built an external text processing tool and rebuilt the pages based on that output. I missed the regex option in Publisher as it didn't occur to me to just set unique text markers in the frames. Duh... I over engineered a solution when there was an easy one sitting right there. Hopefully in the future they as scope to the Find & Replace features, but this is a solid work around. Or better yet, a scripting interface for automation throughout the suite. Thanks
  2. I've got a rather large document (300+ pages) that is divided into sections. The text gets placed then a few "find & replace" steps are done to clean things up before flowing. Works great, but no I have some small "find & replace" steps that need to only happen to particular sections and there doesn't seem to be any way of scoping this to section or even to selected text areas. This is supper problematic as the changes I need to make to smaller sections (15-60 pages) would wreck major layout issues if they are done to the entire document.
  3. I'm not usually one for jumping on the +1 train but data merge of some sort is super important for so many things we do in education. Like many others have said there are hundreds of use cases for this feature.
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