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  1. Tried that..Layers was already Checked, so I toggled it and it made no diff. Finally, I Reset Studio, and that restored things. Could this be a bug?
  2. as of now, the toolbar shows regardless of whether "Show toolbar" is checked or not. thank you
  3. Not sure whether this is already in there; still learning the software, but this I think any more is a must-have feature for vector apps.
  4. any 2 or more points, selected, describe part of an overall shape. Very useful to be able to copy and paste just that part of the curve or shape.
  5. similar to the aligning which can be done with shapes, applied to points...any selected points would be able to be aligned along an axis..or perhaps a user-selected angle?
  6. as of now, I believe that the Move tool must be active; other tools will not allow guides to be dragged out from the ruler. If guides could be dragged out regardless of active tool, workflow could be speeded up, saving key strokes or trips to the tool palette.
  7. Not sure if I'm using the right terms but when resizing an object, holding down the Option key will constrain the re-size to the object's center at the time of the resizing. can be very handy when you want an object to be resized, but maintaining its position right/left/up/down.
  8. I personally use these all the time when I work in applications which support them.
  9. would be great to have a scale tool that would operate on *parts* of paths...on selected points, as opposed to the entire path or shape.
  10. I can make shapes, but I can't get at the nodes. both arrow tools act like the Move tool. I can *see* the nodes, but I can't interact with them. Anyone else? nm...a bit of beginner confusion..been using this amazing app for but an hour or so...