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  1. I can't see this problem being resolved as it's not in DxO's interest to assist Affinity in doing so. Sadly, I'm ignoring Nik collection now and using Luminar 3 followed by Affinity or vice versa depending on what I want to achieve.
  2. Thank you so much. It's hardly an ideal situation, but since I paid the same for the Nik collection as affinity, I really want to have a solution(s), which your post has helped with. I'm already less stressed about it and won't be rushing to buy other software as the only way to resolve this. I like Affinity, but this issue needs to be resolved soon between the two companies. Bad for both if they don't, and a pain for its users. Annoyingly, I only bought the Nik Collection because an official Affinity tutorial video on YouTube referred to using it. It failed to mention Affinity doesn't work pr
  3. Does anyone know if this issue about inverted colours with Viveza 2 has been corrected or will be - I get inverted colours unless I zoom in on Viveza, and then the zoomed in section is OK. Image attached - see original file bottom right on the affinity software Thank you Jason
  4. Thank you for your additional content. I'll be watching the video. Jason
  5. Thank you Walt - that is exactly what I needed to help me get through this problem. Much appreciated.
  6. I amended the brightness in Persona, only because I realised it was still too bright after RAW editing
  7. Im a beginner at this so please bear with me. I merely did some editing in RAW straight from the camera, (including Overlay paint tool for the sky), then in Persona, amended the brightness, and then exported it to JPEG and moved the slider so the JPEG file size was around 1MB.
  8. Ive attached the RAW file too, if that might help. I used the Overlay Paint tool on the sky to darken it. Jason _DSF9718.RAF
  9. Thank you. I do appreciate your help. I attach the file. However, I am finding that with many files, I have the same compression issues. _DSF9718StonegateWoods.afphoto
  10. I recently presented this topic, but I need to re-post it, since I am not happy with JPEG compression on affinity, and need some advice please. I attach two images, one has been exported and compressed to JPEG at around 1mb (its now a screenshot PNG image, but it replicates exactly how the JPEG turned out), the other is the affinity version. The JPEG image is clearly unusable. 1MB should be absolutely ample for a very good quality JPEG image. Is this an Affinity software issue? Like most people, I do need to send small JPEG files to friends and family, and
  11. I compressed to around 1mb. I believe you have got it right, it must be that. Ive increased the quality of the file and the issue has gone away. I was very surprised that 1mb was too small !! Thank you for helping me identify the issue. Jason
  12. I need help please - when exporting the affinity file to JPEG, the result is as shown in the attachment. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to rectify it? Thank you. Jason
  13. Yes !! Thank you. Thats a real shame that happens. You wouldn't be aware of a way to use the gradient overlay effect without this happening, or a simple alternative approach to create the same effect without using the gradient overlay effect? Thank you again Leigh. Jason
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