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  1. Thank you very much! I must have deselected the layer...Now it works perfectly!
  2. Hi and thank you for your quick answer. I understand that the new layer which is duplicated from a layer which has already been rotated by e.g. 6° has exactly this 6° so this would have no impact. But strangely enough I succeeded in doing that for the first time...I got an Affinity guide book which says to do so to get a picture like the one you see in the attachment. If I had to type in 6/12/18/24 and so on this would be elaborate and as I said before I once succeeded ...
  3. Hi, I have some trouble with the rotate function (via Studio/transform). If I duplicate the layer I want to rotate, then choose the Move-button and then the transform function I have either the problem that -90° is shown instead of 0° so that the picture will rotate by 90° per step, or, what is worse, if I duplicate the last layer, which has - luckily - been rotated by 6°, the duplicated layer does not rotate any more. If I look into the transformation function of this layer, it shows 6 ° but nothing happens. What is the problem?? Thank you for your help. Rotation.tiff