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Collation Feature Suggestion

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Hi! I just wanted to suggest a feature for Affinity Publisher that I think would be pretty useful, albeit to a certain niche of people. I'm a book artist, and I would love it if affinity publisher had a way to output my file so that it was collated for bookbinding.

There are two programs that I know of that do this, bookbinder 3.0, an abandoned java project that still works okay, and bookbinder's collator, which is a small solo project that I don't have much experience with, which hasn't been updated in a while. They're both great but kind of low power and they interrupt my workflow with tinkering. 
It'd be a really great feature for hobbyists and other book artists out there! Indesign doesn't have it, as indesign doesn't let you output a collated file, and it's way of collating doesn't work for most binding styles. 

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