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[MATERIAL DESIGN] Color palette


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Material Design color palette

Last update : September 7, 2019
Version : 1.0.0



This afpalette file contain all the main colors and variants of the Material Design color palette extracted (manually) from the Material Design Color Tool Website.


Getting started

  1. Open the swatches pannel (View > Studio > Swatches).
  2. Click Panel Preferences (top right of the swatches pannel window) and select a palette type from the Import Palette sub-menu.
  3. Locate the file Material_Design_Colors.afpalette and click Open.

The newly imported palette will now be available to choose in the palette pop-up menu.


Missing variants

Some variants are missing :

  • All colors 50 light variants are white (#FFFFFF).
  • Red, Grey and blue grey 100 light variants are white (#FFFFFF).
  • Grey 900 dark variant is black (#000000).


Text color swatches

For texts on a light color background :

  • Black - Disabled (#000000 38%)
  • Black - Medium (#000000 60%)
  • Black - High (#000000 87%)

For texts on a dark color background :

  • White - Disabled (#FFFFFF 38%)
  • White - Medium (#FFFFFF 60%)
  • White - High (#FFFFFF 87%)



You can change the appearance of the swatches in the pannel for a better readability :

  1. Open the swatches pannel (View > Studio > Swatches).
  2. Click Panel Preferences  and select Show as list from the Appearance sub-menu.
  3. Click Panel Preferences  and select Alphabetical from the Sort sub-menu.



Material Design Color Tool


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