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Photo - Live Displace Filter Tattoos

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I’ve been playing around with the Live Displace Filter (amongst other things) and it looks like it could be great for adding tattoos to an image or for a tattoo designer to show a client what the finished article might look like.
I still need to experiment more with various settings but I think it’s looking reasonably decent so far (original SVGs are shown on the left with the original image at bottom-left).
I’m sure there are better examples out there but I’m quite pleased to have learned the basics of a new technique.


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Thanks Fred.
I’m still trying to get the colouring right. I need to do more experimenting with opacity, blend mode, colour, etc.
Pictures of tattoos on the web look all different shades and colours – I don’t have any myself – so it’s difficult to know what’s right in this case. I’ve attached a slightly different version but it’s still not there yet.


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